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At Mi-Time we offer FlexAware® Pilates classes for all abilities and levels of fitness, helping you stretch, tone and connect your body and mind/spirit.

At Mi-Time we offer FlexAware® Pilates classes for all abilities and levels of fitness, helping you stretch, tone and connect your body and mind/spirit.

It does not matter if you are new to exercise or are already fit, Mi-Time offers classes for all levels:

- There are classes for which you need to sign up for a term (part of Adult Education)
- There are plenty of walk-in and pay-as-you-go classes (£8 per session)
- There is a special "men-only" Pilates class and a class for teenagers
- Miranda is available for one-to-one sessions

To find a class that fits in with your schedule, please click on the “LIVE Timetable” tab on the “Home” page or “Joining a Class” page.

Our instructor Miranda has been teaching Pilates since 2004 and is accredited to the level of Advanced Matwork and she is the first instructor in the UK teaching FlexAware®. She has merged the two systems to give you the best experience.

Below is a description of the different levels/ types of Pilates classes. For further information, or if you are not sure which class is the most suitable for you, please send us an email with your questions: miranda@mi-time.eu


The different Levels

All the classes are designed to give you the opportunity to work at your own pace and capability. This also means that it is possible to start during the course of the year, provided that there are places available.

The classes are developed around the following levels of increasing difficulty:
ENTRY PILATES – This class works through the easier options of the exercises. It is suitable for beginners and those who prefer to leave the “acrobatics” to others.

PILATES EXPLORE – This class also includes the harder options. It helps if you have some Pilates or other movement based education already, but it is not strictly necessary. This is truly the “mixed ability class”.

PILATES PLUS – For those who like to work a little more on their strength, this class offers more exercises and more repetitions.

Further Mi-Time offers 3 special focus classes:

PILATES FOR BAD BACK - Although people of all backgrounds are welcome in all classes, the exercises for this class are chosen with "Bad Backs and other physical challenges" in mind. Exercises will not progress when contra-indicated for this group.

PILATES FOR MEN - Pilates originally trained men, having a background as boxer and wrestler himself. And although men are welcome in all the classes, this class is designed for them. It gives us the opportunity to focus a little bit more on the strength exercises and to improve flexibility.

PILATES FOR TEENAGERS – A more playful approach to Pilates for those aged 12-16.

And for those who want to go “ALL-OUT”, there is a Saturday Pilates Bootcamp two times a month.

NOTE: The classes are mat based so for all classes to you should be able to get on/off the floor unassisted. There are no age restrictions to the classes, but "adult classes" are from the age of 16. If you are interested in a session, but have trouble getting off the floor, you can book a private session to get you there!

Focus during the year :
Typically a year follows the school term times, starting in September.
TERM 1: The Basics – introduction and review of techniques
TERM 2: Technique further improved
TERM 3: Building on strength, flexibility and stamina

Just Ask
Please remember that whatever class you attend - it is your class!

If there is something you would like to work on specifically approach the instructor to discuss this. The flexibility of the Pilates system easily enables the instructor to incorporate whatever it is you are looking for in the class.


Pilates classes for all abilities in Cambridge. Email

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